On a Walkabout

Fellow Alliterate and longtime friend Steve Sullivan recently launched his own publishing company, Walkabout Publishing. He already has four books out with more in the works.

This joins two other self-publishing efforts from the Alliterates. Steve was involved in the first too—Popcorn Press—along with Lester Smith and Rob King. For the second, Wolfgang Baur is ramping up his fifth Open Design project as well as building his new baby, Kobold Quarterly.

Lester also runs PoemTee.com (which offers his poetry on T-shirts) and Hobby Hearse (which sells rare and used games). Meanwhile, Don Perrin continues spinning lead with his latest miniatures company, True North Miniatures, and publishing articles about it in HMG Magazine. Plus, he keeps many of the rest of us in print with his Quality Print-on-Demand.

Meanwhile, many of us still write novels and design games. We’re a busy lot!