The Birdman Cometh

Birdman-WiiCapcom now has an official site up for the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law game on which I worked. It’s a snazzy introduction to the game, with all sorts of screenshots and cool Flash bits, so stop by and check it out.
Oddly, the synopsis still lists the game as due November 13, which was the original ship date. The latest information I have says it should be out January 8 instead, a week from Tuesday.

Capcom is running a sweepstakes with prizes for the first 500 pre-orders through their site, although as with most such contests, the details reveal that no purchase is actually necessary to enter and win.

Still, why wouldn’t you want to pick up such a fun and handsome game? It’s available for the Wii, PSP, and PS2. I plan on cracking my copies open as soon as they arrive. I had a hoot working on this game, and I cannot wait to see and play the final results.