Erick Wujick Is Dying

Erick Wujick is dying of cancer and apparently doesn’t have many days before him. In the tabletop games industry, we know him best as the creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness RPG and Amber Diceless Roleplaying. He’s spent the last few years in the computer gaming industry, currently with Totally Games. No matter where he’s been, though, he’s done great, groundbreaking work.

I only met Erick once, at a Greenfield Hobby Distributors open house back in the early ’90s. I was just starting out as a freelancer back then, and he had nothing but encouragement for me. He recommended I do something for his friends at Palladium, advice I never got around to executing, despite my respect for Kevin Siembieda and his crew there. He mentioned that the TMNT game had already financed a round-the-world trip for him, high praise from any freelancer.

He was warm and kind, and I wish our paths had managed to cross more often. Although we ran in similar circles, they rarely did. I’d hear about him through other mutual friends, though, and keep up with him that second-hand way.

Now, in roughly the same way, I learn he’s dying, and I barely know what to say. Fortunately, Kevin has set up a new website for me to give it a shot.

If Eric or his work touched your life in any way, please stop by that site and let him know that. In the end, these words may not be all that much, but they’re all we have.