Omnibus in America

Blood Bowl: The Omnibus is now available outside of the UK. That means those of us in the States can now get our hands on it. This massive tome smashes all of the first three Blood Bowl novels (Blood Bowl, Dead Ball, and Death Match) together under one cover, plus a short foreword I wrote just for this doorstop. That’s 768 pages of hilarious, spike-balled mayhem for the low price of only $11.99 of those Yanqui dollars!

Those lucky sods fortunate enough to live nearer to the Black Library should also be able to pick up the fourth book in the series, Rumble in the Jungle, on Monday! The rest of us have to wait until the end of December, but we can assuage the pain of those dark days of waiting with The Omnibus for now. It’s even colored green with blood-red accents to make for a most suitable holiday gift!