Here Come the Judge!

We had many things to be thankful for this weekend, but one snazzy piece of news topped the list. Wednesday, Governor Jim Doyle appointed my father, Ken Forbeck, to become a judge on the Rock County Circuit Court.

As you might guess, we’re all bursting with pride and excitement about this. It’s going to be a big change for Dad, who’s been a practicing attorney for 37 years, but we’re sure he’s going to make a fantastic judge. Dad spoke about this on the Stan Milam show on WCLO (a local AM radio station) this Friday morning—calling in from my driveway—and he sounded ready to go.

This is an elected position, but the judge in it at the moment is retiring from the bench as of January 1. Dad won’t have to run for the job until April of 2009. You can bet we’ll be hititng the pavement hard for him then. In the meantime, we’ll cheer him on from the sidelines every step of the way.