Writers’ Strike

Given what I do for a living, it’s probably no surprise that I fully support the writers’ strike the WGA called for last week. John Rogers gives a good round-up of the reasons behind it, linking to other excellent analysis, and Christian Johnson provides quality commentary over at Cinerati. Be sure to check out UnitedHollywood.com if you’re interested in a steady stream of updates.

I’m not a member of the WGA, as I don’t work in fields they cover. They’ve made a few tentative steps toward bringing computer game writers into the fold, but none of that’s come to fruition yet. (I’m not sure it’s possible to unionize computer game writers, mind you, given the lack of any solid union in the rest of the industry, but that’s another long conversation.) Still, I count many WGA members as friends, and we’re all writers at the core, siblings in spirit if not union membership or blood. Best of luck to them, no matter how long it takes.