We’re Home

Yesterday, we moved into our new home here in Beloit. It’s much bigger and has a fantastic office for me. I’ve been working in an office downtown since the quads were born, and now I’ll be able to cut my commute down from 2 minutes to 20 yards.

Many new neighbors came by to welcome us to the neighborhood already, including Pam and Sam Lathrop, who live right next door. Sam’s the chief of police in town, and Pam is the administrative assistant to the city manager. She’s also the kind-hearted soul who brought us Sunday dinner every week for the first year we had the quads home. As part of their welcome gift, Sam mowed our lawn for us as we moved in.

Ginormous thanks go out to the strong-backed men who helped us move in: Andy Friedl, Mark Nosek, Lester Smith, Rob and Eli King, Don Perrin, and Dan Schooff. Also to Lori Gordon and Ellen Plunkett for watching the quads for the afternoon. As always, big thanks to my mom for pitching in at every chance.

More regular posts to resume shortly.