30 Days Tonight

30 Days of Night, the film based on the graphic novel, opens tonight. My good friends at IDW published the original story, and my friend Jeff Mariotte co-wrote the novelization of the film* two original tie-ins based on the series. I’ve not met Steve Niles—who wrote the story (and the novels with Jeff)—but I’ve had a couple of long chats with Ben Templesmith—who drew the story—at Comic-Con, and he’s a fine gentleman as well. Best of all, IMDB lists my great pal Ted Adams as a co-producer, along with some guys named Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert.

The story is set in the small town of Barrow, Alaska. Vampires invade the town in December, just before the sun sets, not to come up again for 30 days. Harrowing disaster ensues.

It’s a fantastic high concept, but Steve and Ben turned it into a wonderful, all-too-human story as well. Here’s hoping the film is a monster hit too.

*Thanks to Christian Johnson of Cinerati fame for catching that goof. (Tim Lebbon novelized the film.) Check the comments on this post for a chance for fast fingers to claim copies of Jeff’s books!