Rumbling In

Rumble-3My advance copy of Rumble in the Jungle, my fourth Blood Bowl novel, showed up in the mail yesterday. It looks fantastic. While I really loved the covers by my pal Max Bertolini, this in-your-face cover by Philip Sibbering tickles me silly. It captures the essence of Blood Bowl in such an iconic way.

This book moves the action from the Old World to Lustria (the Blood Bowl equivalent of South America) to see the Bad Bay Hackers take on a team of amazon (the Lustrian Lusties) in the Tobazco Bowl (played inside an active volcano, of course) for the undisputed championship of the world. Oh, and a hunt for Dunk Hoffnung’s long-lost sister, plus encounters with cunning lizardmen, shambling zombies, ball-crazy buccaneers, cannibalistic pygmy halflings, amorous fishwomen, and more.

Look for it on shelves around the end of the year!