Matthew’s Miles

John Passarella writes award-winning horror novels, along with the occasional Buffy book (which is how I know him, through the IAMTW). He’s also a husband and the father of three kids, the eldest of whom (Matthew) has a brain tumor he’s been battling for over six years. Matthew is on the road to recovery now, after nearly seven years of treatments, including multiple brain surgeries.

For the past five years, in an incredible act of generosity and hope, Matthew and his parents have organized Matthew’s Miles, a walk-a-thon to raise money to find a cure for brain tumors. None of this goes to them. It’s all directly given to Children’s Cancer Foundation.

In conjunction with the walk, the Passarellas run an auction of autographed books. To help out in a small way, I’ve donated signed copies of Prophecy of the Dragons and The Dragons Revealed to the cause. Over a dozen other authors, including at least four from the New York Times Bestsellers Lists, put up books too. Jimmy Rollins from the Phillies donated an autographed bat, and Kevin Ollie from the 76ers sent in a signed photo too.

If any of that interests you—and you happen to be near Logan Township, NJ, be sure to check the auction out. It’s all for a good cause.