New House!

Last night, we accepted a counter-offer on the house we wanted. It’s a grand, old place in the same school district we’re in now, so the kids won’t have to move away from their friends, but it’s in a nicer neighborhood. It has almost twice the space of our current house—which we need, since we’re bursting at the seams here—and sits on 8/10 of an acre.

Best of all, the seven of us are moving up from a 3-bed/1-bath to a 4-bed/4-bath. It’s a good bump in our mortgage payments too, but doable. The down real-estate market meant we got pinched a bit in selling our old place, but we more than made up for that by getting an excellent deal on the new place.

I’m almost embarrassed at how cool my new office in the house is. It’s huge and features wood-paneled walls, a separate entrance, a fireplace, leaded-glass windows, and a number of secret closets, one of which contains a wet bar. It’s ridiculous.

The only real hurdle is the inspection, which we’ll conduct on Monday. Assuming that goes well, we close on Halloween. Wish us luck!