The Boys of September

Last night, I hit my first Major League Baseball game in years. For his birthday, Bill Bodden wanted to see the Brewers take on the Cardinals in the last desperate stretch of this year’s pennant race, and he invited John Kovalic, Jim Lowder, and me to join him.

We met up at Adventures in Gaming and carpooled down to the game. Jim knew of a great, free parking spot, an easy walk from the stadium, and we made it in plenty of time. Sadly, the Brewers’ pitching staff dissolved into a lukewarm puddle in the 8th inning, and they lost the game. They’re still in the race, but at two games behind the Cubs with only a few games left, it’s an uphill battle. Despite that, they’ve done better this year than most people expected, and I’m proud to call them my hometown team.

On the return trip to the car, we had to walk back through a chilly, dew-soaked graveyard filled with white stones casting stark shadows in the brilliant light of the full, silver moon. Being who we were, our chatter ran the gamut from fresh-risen zombies to a resource-management game in which players compete to have the best monument in the cemetery.