On Sunday, my wife and I went to see Michael Moore‘s new film, Sicko. Going to school at the University of Michigan, I’ve followed Moore’s career since Roger and Me. I don’t always agree with his points (although he often has good ones) or how he drives them home (I don’t think his stunts are as effective as letting others make his points for him), but I appreciate him standing up for what he thinks is right and for asking questions.

For Sicko, I stand squarely in the choir to which the film preaches. The health-care industry in America is a disturbing, embarrassing, life-threatening mess. I could throw stats and anecdotes at you to back up that point, but Sicko does an excellent job of it. If you’re interested in the issue (and how many Americans aren’t ever worried about health care these days?), make a point of seeing it. In Rock County, it’s playing at the Wildwood Movies 10 for the rest of the week, by special arrangement with DR!VEN.