Chaotic Saturday

The folks at the Games Workshop Chicago Battle Bunker showed me a great time this past Saturday. I signed a few dozen books, chatted with lots of Blood Bowl players, and peeked over a few shoulders to see some great teams, pitches, and matches. I also talked again with tournament organizer Tom Anders, who edited the latest version of the Blood Bowl Living Rulebook, and he kindly completed my set of exclusive (and very cool) Chaos Cup figures.

Darren Orange and Zachary “Charge” Laoutides from Reactor 88 Studios showed up to chat about the Brave New World movie too, and Chuck “Patriot” Wagner stopped by with a couple of lovely ladies to invite us to his birthday party. Sadly, I had to pass on that, but I did grab dinner with Darren and store manager Allen Jorjorian, who invited me out to say thanks for making the trip.

Allen has one of those great life stories that reminds me why I love gaming. Formerly a successful stockbroker, he put that behind him after the birth of his son and now works his dream job as a manager of a Games Workshop store. I love seeing people being true to themselves and doing what they love.