ACD Games Day

Last night, after the kids’ dance lessons and soccer practice, I drove up to Madison, Wisconsin, for the ACD Games Day. I arrived late at an exhibitor’s dinner that the ever-amazing John Kovalic put together for the poor souls not invited to the retailer’s banquet. I had an excellent meal at the Hong Kong Cafe with folks from Fantasy Flight, PSI, Margaret Weis Productions, White Wolf, Impressions, Steve Jackson Games, and more.

Afterward, I rolled out to the Marriott Madison West, where ACD hosted the official event. Although it’s been remodeled in the last year, it always brings back memories of the Capital City Comics Distribution shows that used to be held in the exact same place, about 10 years ago.

I wandered around the demo hall and got washed out fast in a game of Walk the Plank, played versus John Kovalic, Bill Bodden, Lory from Pegasus Games, and a couple of ladies from ACD. It’s a nifty little card game like plays like Hearts but with pirates, which makes it that much more fun. I chatted with a few more people (like Oscar Garza of White Wolf, Ross Jepson, one of the Brians from Fantasy Flight, and Ed Evans of All Things Fun) and made a quick appearance in the hospitality suite. Then I meandered back down the highway toward Beloit and my bed.