Gen Con in 5 Minutes

SlateV has a five-minute feature story about gamers from this summer’s Gen Con. It’s a little heavy on the costumed folks, but since video is a visual medium, I can’t blame them for going with the stuff that looks so interesting.

Look for my pal Ken Hite speaking in one part of it. That bit was filmed during the “40 Years of Gen Con: The Attendees” panel that I sat on along with Ken, Robin Laws, Randy Porter, and Dave Arneson. Ken seemingly speaks in sound bites, although always eloquent and incisive ones.

I also spotted two other people I know well in the video: game designer Christopher Lawrence as a zombie, and the Gen Con-shirted guy with muttonchops (anyone know his name, please?) who worked the door at the screaming-new, infamous Spy Bar (more about which I’ll blather soon).