Comic-Con 2007 Report: Thursday

The second part of my three-day journey.

Thursday, July 26
Hal, Shane, and I slept late the next morning, then wandered downstairs to find something to eat. As we meandered through the lobby, Andrew Bates—an old friend from White Wolf who’s now with Cartoon Network—grabbed us and chatted for a while. He pointed us back toward the hotel restaurant, which we’d walked by.

The three of us sat down and each ordered the Wyatt Earp breakfast. Since all of us had worked on Deadlands so long, we just couldn’t resist.

Afterward, we hiked the few blocks to the convention center, wandered around together for bit, then MIRVed. I called up Jack Emmert, and he introduced me to some a friend of his at Marvel. I also met and chatted with his new employee at Cryptic Studios, John Layman, who’s been tasked with helping out with the Marvel MMOG.

Later, I headed over to the IDW booth to catch up with my pal Ted Adams and the rest of the crew. They’d just announced that week that they’d sold a controlling interest in the company to IDT, and they were thrilled.

About 5 PM, Hal and I made our way out of the hall and to the Hilton hotel to meet the Paradox Entertainment folks on the patio. The other guests included Steve and Chris York, Jordan Weisman and two of his sons, Joshua Dysart, Richard Knaak, and more.

Eventually, Nils Gulliksson and Tom Olsson of Hidden Entertainment showed up, along with several of their compadres. Those of us who were left rolled out for the IDW/Heavy Metal party. I had a great time there, but eventually bailed out to hike over to the Hyatt bar, which is always packed with professionals. There I ran into Andrew Bates again and chatted with him and his friends until they kicked us out. Andrew and I grabbed a pedicab back to the hotel and called it a night.