Hobby Games 100 A-Go-Go

 Images Product Grr4001 200James Lowder‘s Hobby Games: The 100 Best made it to Gen Con, and I picked up my contributor’s copy there. It’s a great book and belongs in the bathroom of every fan of tabletop games. As I’ve mentioned before, it contains 100 essays from 100 of the world’s top tabletop game designers. Each of these is about 1,000 words, just the right amount for a little light reading on the throne of your choice.

My essay in the book concerns my favorite tactical combat game ever: Space Hulk by Richard Halliwell, published by Games Workshop. The book also includes an essay by Dale Donovan about Silent Death: The Next Millennium, a game I developed for ICE, based on Kevin Barrett’s original edition.

Call them hobby games, tabletop games, adventure games, or whatever else you like. If you enjoy them, pick this book up. For the games you’ve yet to play, it will inspire you to track them down, and for your old favorites, it will remind you why you like them so much.