Congratulations, Scribes!

One thing I missed at Comic-Con was Sunday (as well as Saturday, since I left on Friday night). On that Sunday, the IAMTW gave out its first Scribe Awards for the year’s best tie-ine novels. While my Prophecy of the Dragons was nominated for Best Young Adult Novel, I was in stiff competition against Steve Sullivan, Christina York, and Alice Henderson, all of whom I count as friends.

In the end, Alice won, and I couldn’t be more pleased for her. Just before my flight out of San Diego, I grabbed a quick bite with her and double Scribe winner Jeff Marriotte, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer, more talented person to take home the statue. Congratulations to Alice, Jeff, and all of the other winners!

For myself, I found a nice plaque in the mail when I got back from vacation. It’s on my mantel right now, sharing space with my Origins Awards and ENnies, and it looks great.