Kobolds and Baurs

My fellow Alliterate and friend Wolfgang Baur—he of the prolific RPG pen, including the innovative, patron-sponsored Open Design project—has just launched spanking-new magazine: Kobold Quarterly. For those of us who will dearly miss the about-to-die Dragon and Dungeon Magazines, Kobold Quarterly is like going to the funeral and running into a long-lost friend.

Wolf spent many years at both TSR and Wizards of the Coast, some of them as editors for those now-doomed publications, and he wrote extensively for them both over the years as well. Now he’s decided to harness the power of his Open Design projects, his vast and authoritative experience, and this newfangled thing called the internet to produce a quarterly gaming rag that brings us some of the best bits of both of those hallowed mags.

So, if you love D&D—and would like to see the return of Bolt & Quiver by Stan! (another Alliterate), among all sorts of other gaming goodness—do yourself a solid and check it out.