Geekerati Radio, Monday, July 2

This Monday night, July 2, 2007, join me in a live radio show on Geekerati Radio at 7 PM PDT. Geekerati is the brainchild of Christian Johnson, frequent commenter on this website and head wrangler of the excellent and intelligent Cinerati blog as well, where you can find the full details.

While I’m perfectly happy to blather on with Christian for hours and have done so in the past, this will be even more fun if people (that’s you folks) join us for the event. As an incentive, Christian will be giving away a number of free copies of both Blood Bowl and The Road to Death to some of the lucky callers.

So, if you want to chat about books, games, and more, and wouldn’t mind ending up with a free book or two to boot, be sure to mark it on your calendar and then call up to say hi. Hope to hear from you soon!