Back from La Pura Vida

My apologies for the radio silence. My wife and I just got back from a week’s vacation in Costa Rica. We stayed at Bahía de los Delfines. This beautiful resort sits just outside of Tambor, a tiny town on a sheltered bay on the end of the Nicoya Peninsula, out on the central Pacific coast. We had a wonderful, stunning time, and I’ll be babbling on about it for months, I’m sure.

We won the stay at the resort as part of a fund-raising raffle for Marty’s drama club (Kids Fun and Drama). We didn’t have the time to sell the tickets and instead bought our allotment ourselves. It paid off big in the form of an early celebration for our 15th wedding anniversary.

In Costa Rica, they have a saying: Pura vida. Literally, this means “pure life.” We spent the trip living that life and loving that country. We’re glad to be back, and hopefully we can continue with pura vida now that we’re home too.

In the meantime, a special thanks from us to my mother and the army of able assistants she lined up to help her take care of our children while Ann and I were gone. We couldn’t have left town without you, and our implicit trust in your goodness and kindness and love meant we could let ourselves enjoy the trip without worrying an instant about what might be happening back home. Pura vida to you all!