Happy Birthday

Five years ago today, a team of 25 doctors, nurses, and technicians at Rockford Memorial Hospital led by Dr. Susan Hendricks helped us bring four of the most amazing people into the world: Patrick, Nicholas, Kenny, and Helen Forbeck. Born 11 weeks premature (one week better than average for quads) they weighed, respectively 2# 12 oz., 2# 9 oz., 2# 8 oz., and 1# 8 oz. Their perinatologist, Dr. Dosi, gave each of them a 70% chance to live.

Five years on, Ann and I have four healthy, happy, and wonderful kids who are a lasting joy to her, their older brother Marty, and me. They and the people who helped us with them from their birth to this day have taught me much about what it means to be a parent, a citizen, and a better human being. Perhaps because their birth was such a harrowing experience, I know that every day with them and the rest of my family is a blessing for which my gratitude has no bounds.

Happy birthday, Pat, Nick, Ken, and Helen! Here’s to many, many more.