BNW Movie News

While I was at the GAMA Trade Show, I sat in on a meeting about the Brave New World movie, between Darren Orange of Reactor 88 Studios and John Zinser of AEG. John gave Darren the go-head for to create a pilot for a feature film (essentially a proof-of-concept). The schedule calls for shooting in Chicago the weekend before Origins. With luck, the fine people at Reactor 88 should have something to show off at Gen Con.

Natalie Victoria, the actress set to play Lisa Stanzski (the woman in the opening comic of the BNW RPG) recently stopped by here and left a comment. (Thanks, Natalie!) I’ve not yet had the honor of meeting her, but she certainly is a dead ringer for the part. With her joining Chuck “Patriot” Wagner and Zachary “Charge” Laoutides, the pilot’s developing a great cast. Combine that with the crackerjack crew, and we should have a lot of fun on our hands soon.