House Hunting

Ann and I are on the hunt for a new house. When we bought our three-bedroom/one-bath home, we only had us and Marty in the house, and we had plenty of room. Now we are seven, and the quads will be five years old in about three weeks. While we love our house, it’s bursting at the seams.

So, if any local readers know of a five-bedroom (or four plus a den) house with at least two bathrooms going up on the market in southern Wisconsin soon, be sure to let me know. On the flip side of that, if you know anyone interested in a wonderful 3 bed/1 bath, we should have one ready to sell in just a bit.

And, yes, handling all this cuts into my writing time, but that’s how life works. If I waited until I had the time to do something, I’d never do anything, right?