Cool Things at GTS

By the third day of any convention, the standard question is, “What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen?” I didn’t make it that far into GTS this year, so I never had a chance to answer that. To make up for it, here’s three cool things I saw at the show. That’s not to say there weren’t tons of other things, but these stuck out at the show and are things I remember even now.

Dust: The Game: Paolo Parente—a pal from the Mutant Chronicles RPG days—is an amazing artist, and he has his own project called Dust. He puts out toys, comics, and models kits irregularly, but they’re always full of sharp and sexy imagery. A stand at GTS showed off an upcoming board game for the setting, a Risk-like game with all sorts of cool components. Paolo’s day job is with Rackham, the French miniatures company that makes incredible things, but I always enjoy seeing what he does on his own.

Titan: Valley Games announced that it’s bringing back all sorts of classic games, including Hannibal and Titan, the all-time classic, plus others from the old Avalon Hill bookshelf line. Can’t wait to see these.

Phoenix Horizons: Damage Control Games showed off a preview of their upcoming starship battles miniatures game, and it looks great. It’s a spiritual successor to Silent Death, of which I’m a longtime fan and had the honor of working on the second edition.

There were many more things, of course, but these surprised me, as I hadn’t heard of any of them before. And now I’m looking forward to them all.