Good-Bye, Dungeon. Good-Bye, Dragon.

It’s true. Paizo just announced that the last print issues of Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine will ship this fall. Their license is up to be renewed and, well, it won’t be.

Wizards of the Coast plans to use the magazine brands as part of a renewed web presence. In the meantime, Paizo will transition to publishing series of d20 adventures instead, among many other things.

Dragon Magazine is the great-grandaddy of gaming magazines. It’s last issue will be 359. Little brother Dungeon (which covers adventures as opposed to material useful to all players) makes it a nice around 150.

I read Dragon religiously when I was a kid, and I’ll miss it for sure. Oddly, I bypassed the industry standard of placing an article in Dungeon and went straight to working on games instead. An article I wrote about the heroes in Secret of the Spiritkeeper appeared in Dragon in 2004, and a short-story prequel to Marked for Death showed up in issue #330.

Farewell, old friends. You’ll be missed.