Congratulations All Around

Seems like my friends are breaking out all over. Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast finally announced its long-in-the-works imprint for creator-owned fiction, Wizards of the Coast Discoveries. The initial list of writers includes my pals Richard Danksy and Rob King. \

In other news, podcasting author Scott Sigler just sold three novels to Crown at auction. Scott’s spent some time at the University of Michigan about the same time as me, and among other things he wrote a couple Silent Death supplements after I handed over the reins to Donald Dennis back in the mid-’90s.

In yet other great news, more of my friends are publishing new comics through Archaia Studios Press, the company run by another friend of mine, Mark Smylie of Artesia fame. First, this June, David Rodriguez (who’s day job is with High Voltage Software) returns to Starkweather, with an original story penned by none other than Piers Anthony. Then, in October, Jason Blair and Leanne Buckley (both employed at Human Head Studios) launch The Long Count.

Congratulations to everyone! I’m looking forward to lots of great reading.