Deceptively Quiet

If it seems quiet around here, it’s because it’s anything but that in my house. I’m in the final throes of writing The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating Dungeons & Dragons Characters. I’m about to dive into my fourth Blood Bowl novel. And I have the Mutant Chronicles film novelization on the line, screaming for my attention. In the meantime, I’m creating a series of puzzles and games for a new line of children’s books, and I just finished up two large pieces for my third computer game gig of the year.

Mix that in with school conferences, Marty’s play this weekend, planning for convention trips and summer vacations, and there’s precious little time for anything else. Still, I can’t complain. While my life may be filled to bursting, it’s filled with wonderful stuff.

In the interstitial bits, to keep me sane, I do and read what I can. Marty and I recently finished Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS, and we really enjoyed it. If you like mysteries, it works more like interactive manga than a regular computer game, but the story is as strong and compelling as anything in print. I polished off Scott McCloud‘s excellent Making Comics, which completes his trifecta of must-read comics on comics. And at the moment Dan SimmonsThe Crook Factory and James Farr‘s Xombie (the new illustrated novel which just shipped!) are stomping through a cage match for my attention.

Whew! So, how you doing?