Adepticon, Ahoy!

Just a quick reminder that the fine folks at the Black Library have asked me to join them at Adepticon, a convention for Games Workshop fans. It’s held in Schaumburg, Illinois—just northwest of Chicago—from March 30–April 1. I’ll be there on Saturday, March 31, just over two weeks away.

Also, I just noticed that they’ve posted an interview with me on their website’s front page. You can also try a direct link to the PDF too.

My friend Jervis Johnson, creator of Blood Bowl and many other excellent games, will be there too. If you’re in the Midwest and love Games Workshop‘s stuff, you can’t go wrong here.

In other news, it seems I’ll be a guest of honor again at this summer’s Gen Con. That’s in Indianpolis, from August 16–19, and I should be there for all four days.