Care to Tanga?

It seems I’m always shopping for a great deal on a new toy, and the internet is the high-powered rifle I use to hunt the big game, like the Wii I picked up last week. One of the coolest sites for picking up great deals is Their gimmick is they only sell one thing each day, at a rock-bottom price, until their stock is gone—unless it’s a Woot-Off, a rare event in which they sell items one after the other, around the clock.

If that sounds like fun, check out This runs much like Woot, but feature not only tech gadgets but tabletop games. To top that off, they run puzzles every day, via which you can earn Tanga points to spend on the site in other ways. Apparently Scott Alden of and Jeremy Young and Matt Molen of Überplay are behind Tanga, so you know it has some serious gamer cred. If you’re a gamer who loves good deals, be sure to check it out.