Good-Bye Gen Con So Cal

Gen Con So Cal has been cancelled. For details, see the official press release and my pal Peter Adkison’s open letter about the decision.

I’m sad to see the convention go away. I made it out to the first two and had a wonderful time, but Peter’s an astute businessman. If a part of your business is losing money and there’s no new plan to turn it around despite four years of trying to do just that, then it’s time to cull it.

Word had it that Peter and his team had hoped to turn Gen Con So Cal into a replacement (at least partially) for the radically altered E3. Apparently that didn’t work out.

Still, there’s a silver lining here. Now that the Gen Con staff isn’t spending time and money trying to prop up So Cal, it can concentrate on building Gen Con (the original, in Indianapolis) instead. Anything that makes my favorite four days of the year better, I’m all for, even if it means no other Gen Cons in the US again.