Coming Home

I’m posting this from the regional bus depot at O’Hare, tapping into the internet via the Hilton Hotel across the street. Man, I love the internet and my wireless iBook. All that and my 1-gig thumb drive filled with portable applications made my trip so much easier than it could have been.

I had a wonderful week on the road. I made many new friends, saw lots of old ones, did some very cool work, and learned some new things too. Sadly, my flight to Chicago got delayed last night, enough for me to have to reschedule my trip back for this morning, but I took advantage of it to impose on my hosts’ hospitality a bit longer and had a wonderful evening.

Now, of course, I have three deadlines to hit on Monday, including one that landed in my lap on Friday afternoon. Thankfully they’re all short, so I should manage it at night after spending some much-needed time with my wife and kids. Wish me luck!