Xbox 360 in the Palace

When it gets quiet around here, you can bet it’s for one of two things:

  1. I’m out of town
  2. I’m really busy

Let’s just say I’m in town. As part of that, for one (maybe two) of my projects, I had to pick up an Xbox 360. (It’s a hard life. I’ve also had to watch a bunch of cartoons.)

My son Marty and I have been banging on the 360 and having a blast. It’s a great system, much more refined from a user’s point of view than the original Xbox, and there are some excellent games out for it.

Our small but growing library of titles includes the $3.99 games from Burger King. These are about as silly and shallow as you’d expect, but they’re still good fun and all-ages appropriate—well worth their price. For some reason, watching the Burger King do an end-zone celebration after slipping some unsuspecting mill worker a cup of coffee hasn’t worn thin yet.