Gen Con Tales

My pal Robin Laws is collecting Gen Con stories for a book on the con of all cons, to be published by Atlas Games. I’d be sick with jealousy, but this is Robin. Not only is he a friend, but I know he’ll do at least as good a job as I could have hoped to. This way, I can sit back and indulge in the book when it debuts next summer, just in time for the 40th Gen Con.

Robin has already interviewed all sorts of professionals for the book. I chipped in more than a few anecdotes myself—some of which may not be suitable for public consumption. Right now, though, he’s looking for Gen Con accounts from non-professional attendees (fans).

If you have a great memory of Gen Con you think should be shared with the world, here’s your chance. If you have the right story, you’ll not only get to chat with Robin (always a treat to be savored) but get to see him immortalize your tale in print. And then I’ll be able to enjoy it too.