Scrye Buys is, bar none, the best news site out there for the tabletop gaming industry. ( rocks too, but it covers comics and manga as well, and its coverage of games isn’t as broad, mostly because it’s aimed at retailers, not players.) F+W Publications, owners of Scrye and Comics & Games Retailer just bought it.

This makes good sense for F+W because they barely have an online presence. This gives them a strong foothold in the World Wide Web, prebuilt and with a relatively large, passionate audience. Congratulations to James Mishler, Joyce Greenholt, and John Jackson Miller, the people now in charge.

On the other hand, this buyout means the exit of Dan Sivils, the founder of, who did an amazing job keeping the site rolling for nearly eight years. It seems Dan needed to get out from under the burden of running such a large site—a burden he clearly enjoyed—though, so F+W plays the white knight here, rescuing the site from closure or some other terrible fate.

Good luck, Dan, in wherever life takes you and your wife Jennifer next. And congratulations to James, Joyce, and John. It’s good to see land in such good hands.