Last Call for Registering for National Games Week

The press release below says it all.

Last Call For National Games Week 2006!

Each year we who love non-electronic games celebrate during the fourth week of November. It’s two weeks out and time to plan your event for NGW 2006.  The web site has been enhanced and you will find lots of cool resources, promo game packs and the like.  Our goal is to see 6,000 events occur, beating last
year’s 4,437 by a good number.  We already have our first school district wide event in Tucson , and many more events around the USA and abroad.  

Promotional Game Packages Ordering Available Until Next Monday, November 13.

Mayfair Games just put up a great package- a treasure chest of cool stuff. That adds to 44 promo packs already available from our sponsors.  This is an inexpensive way for NGW members to try some new games.  NGW Retailer Members use these for demonstration and display copies.  Our sponsors hope you will order their promo packs, and that you will like them and show them off to your friends, and customers. But you must order before next Monday so that your promo packs can be shipped to arrive to you before NGW.  Log on ASAP and let us know what you are planning:

Also be sure to spread the word far and wide- the more the merrier…

Afterward be sure to sign back on and give us your After Action Report. We are again lining up prizes for the big drawing, and all who give us their reports are eligible.       

Prizes for After Action Reports

This year we have some great prizes for National Games Week participants. The Grand Prize is a big pile of games from Wizards of the Coast.  The value for this prize is worth over $400 retail.  We will also be giving away many other prizes from our other sponsors, along with subscriptions to the Games Quarterly Magazine and free passes to the 2007 Games Expo Convention.  To win, all you have to do is record your experience on our website after National Games Week.  You and any of your events participants that you supply a valid email address for will be entered in to the pool to win. Be sure to log on afterward and put your names in the hat.

About National Games Week

NGW takes place the fourth week of November each year. NGW started in 2004, when over 2,600 events took place. In 2005 the celebration grew worldwide, with at least 4,437 events taking place. This year more and more retailers, game enthusiasts and schools are getting involved. The first district-wide NGW celebration is being prepared by the Tucson, Arizona schools. The organizers expect over 6,000 events to occur.        

NGW’s founder is Mark Simmons, publisher of Games Quarterly and longtime advocate of games as positive, social entertainment. Stated Mr. Simmons, “Games are a great entertainment alternative. In today’s busy world, where people have less face-to-face interaction than they used to, games play their small but important part in regaining our sociability while challenging us to think.”
National Games Week has become an international celebration of games—the social kind that you play with family and friends, including board, card, party, family, educational, traditional, miniatures, and many more. Major sponsors for 2006 include: Wizards of the Coast (a division of Hasbro); FanPro / Fantasy
Productions USA; Mayfair Games; Playroom Entertainment; Pokemon USA; Rio Grande Games; Bandai America; Cactus Game Design; Edge Games; Gen Con LLC; HL Games; Privateer Press; Reaper Miniatures/Hobby-Que; Testor Corporation; TriKing Games; Wizkids; Face 2 Face Games; Fundex Games; Million Minute Family Challenge; Osprey Publishing; Patch Products; Face 2 Face Games; and over a hundred more sponsors, supporters and affiliates.     

Media Partners include KIDZ Magazine, Homeschooling Parent Magazine, and the leading games magazine, Games Quarterly. NGW 2006’s official spokespeople are: toy and game expert Stevanne Auerbach, PhD aka Dr. Toy (; K-12 educator David Niecikowski MAED/CI; and NGW founder Mark Simmons. This year NGW kicks off at the official game convention of NGW, Gen Con So Cal, located at the Anaheim convention center in California, with an expected attendance of over 8,000. Many of NGW’s 120+ participating game publishers will attend and showcase their games at Gen Con. Gen Con So Cal has a Schools Field Trip program- contact them for more info, via or email [email protected], subject line “Gen Con So Cal Schools Field Trip Program.”   
Chris Fossum, 303-469-3277, [email protected]  NGW is coordinated by:  
80 Garden Center, Suite 116 , Broomfield , CO 80020 USA
Phone 303-469-3277 Fax 303-468-6174