Go Vote

I spent the day Saturday canvassing part of one of the wards here in Beloit with my eldest son, on behalf of the local Democratic Party. We had a wonderful time, despite the weather. We skipped lunch and walked for over four hours before we finished our assignment, and he barely complained a peep because he knew we were doing something important. I couldn’t have been prouder.

Tomorrow, I’ll drop the kids off at school, go vote, then volunteer to help again. I’ve done this every election day since I moved back to Wisconsin. To vote is one thing, but to put some real effort into mobilizing others to vote means just as much to me.

If you can at all (and happen to be an American citizen eligible to do so), be sure to vote tomorrow. Make your voice heard. No matter what else I might do here locally to get people to vote the way I think they should, there’s only one vote that I can be absolutely confident will be cast exactly the way I want it, mine.

Do that for yourself. Your country deserves it, and so do you.