Manifesto Reviews

I just turned in my first game review for Manifesto Games. It’s a new website that sells downloadable computer games of all sorts—from independent developers. They give me a free copy of the game and then pay me to tell people what I think of it. This sounds like a sweet gig—until you remember how long it can take you to play through a full game. Still, getting paid to play games isn’t something you’d ever catch me complaining about.

I’ve been following Manifesto since it was a gleam in the eyes of its founders, Greg Costikyan and Johnny Wilson. Each of them is an industry legend, both in computer and tabletop games. Best of all, Johnny’s a fellow Alliterate, so I’m rooting hard for them to succeed. The state of innovation in computer games could be at stake—or so they believe—and they’ve staked their entire business on it.