Good-Bye Bastion Press

Bastion Press, the d20 publisher run by my friend Jim Butler, officially closed down today. That’s always a sad thing, but Jim seems to have taken care of things the right way. Instead of turtling down, he reached out and found some people who were willing to take over parts of the business from him.

Greg Dent, creator of the Oathbound setting for Bastion, has taken over that line. It’s always great to see any creative endeavor end up in the creator’s hands, and I wish Greg the best of luck.

My friend Steve Creech (who double-checked the d20 stats for The Redhurst Academy of Magic for me) landed all of the other Bastion products. Conveniently, Steve started up his own publishing effort, DragonWing Games, not all that long ago. Knowing Steve and his love for this material, I expect nothing but good things to arise from this too.