Next Up: Billy Campbell

Last week, I conducted the third in my series of celebrity gamer interviews for Games Quarterly Magazine. This time around, I talked with Billy Campbell of The Rocketeer, Once & Again, The O.C., and The 4400 fame. He’s a true gentleman and a great fan of games, and he made my job a breeze.

I found out years ago that Billy was a gamer. Back when I developed the second edition of Silent Death, the guys at ICE used to tell me how much he loved Rolemaster. Billy grew up in Charlottesville and once in a while came by to visit ICE’s HQ there.

When I talked with Billy, he hadn’t been home for a year and a half, having spent much of that time on a boat sailing around the world. Despite that, he still made time for a pleasant chat. Look for the article in this winter’s issue of Games Quarterly Magazine.