Titanic Games on the Horizon

The fine folks at ICv2.com report today on the activities of Titanic Games. This includes a deluxe version of James Ernest‘s Kill Doctor Lucky, the first game he published through his own Cheapass Games. It’s a mirror-universe version of Clue, in which the player compete to be the first one to murder the good doctor and get away with it.

Next up, according to the article, comes Stonehenge, an anthology board game. It features one set of components with five different games, each with their own rules. The all-star line-up of designers includes Richard Garfield, Bruno Faidutti, James Ernest, Mike Selinker, and Richard Borg. Mike showed me the game at Gen Con, and with all those great designers working on it, it’s hard to see how it could miss. Expect many good things from Titanic.