Last Chance to See

If you’re interested in a private d20 adventure designed by one of the most talented experts in the field, you still have a chance to step up and sponsor Wolfgang Baur‘s first Open Design project, “Steam & Brass.” As Wolf writes, the adventure has firmed up well and now:

• Includes one new monster (the steam golem) and two 3.5 updates (flayed man, possessor)
• Features clockwork magic, elite kobolds, and the Mouse King
• Designed for 12th, 8th, and 6th levels
• Roughly 64 pages long
• Color player handouts and professional maps
• Two mysteries and strong tactical combat, plus zombie angels.

Each of the original patrons got to request certain things they’d like to see in the adventure, long before we knew what it would be about. “Zombie angels”? That’s me, all the way.