Complete Idiot Keeps Me Busy

I’ve had a crazy busy time since Gen Con. I just turned in my first draft of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing Manga, Illustrated: Fantasy Creatures, which my pals at IDW commissioned from me under a tight (read: insane) deadline. As the sequel to The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing Manga, Illustrated, it’s been a fun book to work on, and the time pressures have made every bit of it fast-paced.

As a comics fan, I’ve read some manga over the years, although I hardly consider myself an expert in the field. Fortunately, my co-author, Tomoko Taniguchi, is a bang-up shoujo (girls’ manga) artist who really knows her stuff. I just follow in her wake and describe what she’s doing as best I can. She was a true pleasure to work with, as were my editors at IDW.

Next up, a short project for Mattel that’s due on Wednesday. Perhaps after that, I’ll be able to take a shot at that Gen Con report.