Games Day Rocks!

I just got back from Games Day Chicago, and I had a wonderful time. The Black Library staff treated me like a star, and I got to sit and chat with all sort of Blood Bowl and general Games Workshop fans. We sold over 100 copies of my books, and I signed every last one of them.

As a bonus, Mike Lee joined me at the author’s table, and I enjoyed lunch with him and his lovely wife Janet Young. I also saw them at Comic-Con, but I haven’t gotten to that part of the tale yet. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a bit before I can get back to that story. I’m heading out of town for parts off the grid, which means no updates for a week or so.

With luck, I’ll be able to squeeze in a few posts before heading off to Gen Con Indy. Either way, I hope to see some of you at that show of shows!