Wallis Walking

Gaming industry legend and good friend James Wallis has launched a blog. Unlike many blogs, though, this one has a distinct and ambitious purpose. To raise money for Cancerbackup (a support organization for people with cancer and their families), James proposes to walk the entire 120 miles of the Pilgrim’s Way.

Chaucer wrote about the people on this same trail across southern England, from Winchester to Canterbury, in The Canterbury Tales. James plans to make his trip with the same sort of navigational aids that Chaucer’s pilgrims would have had back in the 14th century: none.

This includes no maps.

By way of his regular blog posts, you can join James in his picaresque quest. Or if you’re in the neighborhood and so inclined, you can even walk with him for a ways. Either way, this is sure to be an adventure to remember, even vicariously.

Plus, it’s all for a good cause near to James’s heart. I’m making my donation today.