The 49th Patron

Yesterday was the deadline for Wolfgang Baur‘s grand experiment in roleplaying game design funding. The Open Design concept models itself on the old system of patronage in which a creator gathers one or more people interested in paying for the work and then collaborates with them on producing the creation. In this case, Wolf needed one more patron to pitch in so he could green-light the project. Otherwise, he’d end up giving everyone their money back and calling it a day.

Never one to leave a fellow Alliterate holding a bag of great ideas, I chipped in the last little bit. I’d only hesitated so long because I know I’ll probably never have a chance to run the adventure. I’m interested enough in the experiment, though, and in supporting Wolf’s grand ideas, that I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t wither on the vine for lack of a single, last donor.

This made me the 49th patron.

It’s already shaping up to be a lot of fun. It’s wild to be involved in helping direct the creation of an adventure with so many other people—and yet have someone of Wolf’s caliber doing all the heavy lifting.