Weisman Leaves WizKids

ICv2.com reported this today, but I first learned about it from Justin Mohareb’s blog: Jordan Weisman is leaving WizKids.

I suppose that given the recent round of layoffs at the company, I shouldn’t be so surprised, but the news still shocked me. In many ways, Jordan personified WizKids, even after he sold the company to Topps. Without him and many of the other people no longer with the company, it’s going to be a very different business.

Justin somehow dug up Jordan’s termination agreement with Topps. Apparently since he’s a highly placed executive at a publicly traded company, Topps has to file these sorts of things with the SEC. It makes for some interesting reading, especially the bit about a Star Wars constructible figure game.

In any case, with 4orty 2wo Entertainment and Cathy’s Book, plus no doubt other notions floating around, I’m sure this won’t be the last the gaming industry hears of Jordan. For the sake of gamers everywhere, let’s hope not.