Loeb and Kunkel

Writing about Sam Loeb triggered some thoughts about his dad Jeph. I love Jeph’s comics work, but I’ve been enjoying more of his TV work lately too. He’s well known for his work on Smallville, but I spotted his name come up on the credits of Lost too.

Better yet, I just discovered he wrote the screenplay for the Herobear and the Kid film. It’s based on one of my favorite comics series of the past five years, Mike Kunkel‘s book of the same name. I’ve read Herobear to my son Marty at least three times through.

Another favorite is Mike’s The Land of Sokmunster, which drives Marty straight to giggles. (I met Mike at Wizard World Chicago a couple years back and had him autograph the treasured copy I picked up for Marty.) As the other kids get older, I’ll be sure to share these with them too. They’re warm, funny, and fun, the kind of books you instantly recognize as classics.