Clothes Make the Game

EDOC Laundry is a company that tells a story through its clothing. This forms an Alternate Reality Game, much like you might find from 4orty 2wo Entertainment, which created the Beast (on which I did a bit of work). Sound strange? Not if you realize (as you would from this interview on that the mind behind EDOC is none other than Dawne Weisman. (Dawne’s husband is Jordan Weisman of 4orty 2wo, WizKids, and FASA fame.)

It’s a wild idea, to form a story-driven game through clothing, and Dawne’s been working hard at it for a couple years—including a lot of development time before the line launched in March of this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Update: ARGN has a new article about the EDOC, posted just days ago.